Lukey and the cows

Lukey and the cows
Lukey loves cows!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The end is nigh???

Has anyone heard of the end of the world and Jesus coming again on May 21, 2011? Well, for some time now I've had my calendar marked for this day and to tell you the truth it came just a little too fast for me. I have mixed feelings about this. If it is true, I'm just not ready and yet I am more ready than ever. I'm not ready because I love my life, my family and my home. But I know they will come along with me if I am one of the chosen.
On the other hand, I am tired of living this flesh excistence and would love to become a spirit and one of God's children in His kingdom. I have been a faithful servant for quite some time. I love our Heavenly Father with all my heart, soul, mind and might. He is my comforter, my Father. I just hope that all my sins are forgiven.
For instance, I have not been a very good daughter to my poor mother. I do write on occasion with rarely a word back, may I say. But I am not wholeheartedly devoted to her for many reasons, one being she isnt all that devoted to me but more so to my younger sister.
On a lighter note, today is Sunday and I really ought to go to Mass. It's such a struggle to get Lukey to go that it just isnt worth it at times. First of all, I have to get us all dressed nicely and then when we get there it's usually late. Next as we sit up in the top which is like a crying room, all he does is complain about being sick to his stomach or being hungry which I know is wrong because I make sure to feed him a good breakfast before we go. I even pack stuff for him to do there but he is so upset he doesnt care about anything but leaving. You'd think he was Damien or something ~ God forbid! To tell you the truth, it has become a little boring for me as well because it seems all of our Priests are from different countries. They all have heavy accents where it makes it difficult to understand anything they say. So, I'm sitting there like feeling the same way as my ds. Maybe we should try another church...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gotta love Dairy Cows!

Today I've decided to continue my blogging adventures now that I just found my long lost password to Google. Hooray!

Anyhoo, we are still doing very well with homeschooling. Infact, Lukey is now in 5th grade! I have decided to do an interest led learning program with him and for the time being it is cows! Yes, those wonderful lovely sweet doe eyed dairy laiden bovine creatures are his recent fascination. We even made our own Dairy Cow Lapbook which proved to be worth my time and effort. I used a giant poster board and folded it in half and then folded the front in half again. Here is what it looks like:

I then added pics and pockets and fold-outs of the science, history and info of the beloved Dairy Cow. Who knew there'd be so much to learn!!

This was so much fun to make and Lukey enjoys looking at it all the time. I only wish we could get a real cow. Gotta love the milk on cereal. Inside, the lapbook I added a spot memory game which is really a form of learning multiplication. There is a Life Cycle circle, a model of the backbone because the cow is in the vertebrate phylum and the science of homogenization and pasturization of the milk. This was both a fun unit for both me and my son because with homeschool, I am not only the teacher but the student as well.